The Story

What is life really all about? To us, it is about experiences. Humans trade time, money and energy to obtain an experience. Wine historically has proven itself to be one of the most pleasurable and rewarding experiences a human can have. Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “Wine is constant proof that God loves us and wants to see us happy.”

However, the wine world with it snobbery and arrogance has for many made wine intimidating and unapproachable. We are dedicated wine zealots that had an epiphany one date night while we were having a beautiful bottle of wine at our favorite restaurant. As Patrick started describing the wine in the traditional lexicon of the wine world, Laurie said, “I think any drinkable wine can fall into 2 categories. A stripper or a soulmate.”

And as we now started to describe the wine through that lens, epiphany after epiphany ensued. We started hosting wine tastings with very successful and influential people who weren’t wine experts, but wanted to go deeper into wine. At first, many recoiled at the suggestion of describing their experience of the wines using a stripper or a soulmate as a metaphor. But once they got into it, they were able to robustly share their experience of the wine in a way that everyone in the room understood… and many people laughed out loud in the process. Most important, their experience of the wine translated.

The Stripper Soulmate Wine world is about passionately enjoying wine and sharing your experience as a fun-loving adult in a way that others can understand, even if they can’t speak to the “structure, acidity and balance” of the wine. People will know what you mean if you say, “This is a high-class stripper with nice curves” or “this is a one night stand” or “this is a soul-mate that I was thinking about for 3 days after I met her”.

So, want to have some fun? Join our community. Check out our video blog posts. Join the conversation and comment on what you see. And be on the lookout for the fun and sexy live wine events we will be hosting! Is she a stripper? Is she a soulmate? We think the ultimate wine, like the ultimate woman, is both!

For the love of fun,
Patrick and Laurie